Thanks for taking your data from Cozi Vault into pwSafe. Please take the time to read this to the end, as there are small but very important changes to the way your safes will be synchronized from now on.

We have assembled a short list of links which might be useful to you. They are to the right of this text if you are using a computer, or to the very bottom of it if you are on a smartphone.

To learn more about pwSafe's features, please go to our iOS webpage and read the FAQs.  If you have any doubts, suggestions or concerns, please write us.

Important: on other iPhones, iPads and iPods, it's better to just install pwSafe from the App Store and sync the data you already migrated, instead of migrating it again. This will prevent the creation of duplicate safes. 

What to Expect

Cozi Vault was a custom version of pwSafe with less features and a custom syncing system. Since the apps look and feel much like one another, we expect you to feel at home as soon as syncing is properly configured, at which time you can begin to explore the new features at your disposal, such as auto-filling in Safari and other apps, TouchID and Mac/PC access to your data.


pwSafe uses iCloud or Dropbox to sync. If you are the sole user of Cozi Vault, we suggest you use iCloud, which is easier. If you share data with your family, Dropbox is a better pick. All previous Cozi Vault users can use Dropbox for free, there's no need to pay for the in-app purchase.

If you choose iCloud, tap Edit and drag your safes down so that they are listed under iCloud Safes. As long as you have properly configured iCloud, your safe will appear on all your devices.

If you need to share your data with family members, we recommend you use Dropbox and  follow a slightly more complicated procedure:

  1. Create a free Dropbox account for every member of your family.
  2. Create a shared folder for everyone.
  3. On the device where you migrated your data, tap Edit and drag your safes down into the Dropbox Safes section.  If asked to, authorize pwSafe to access your Dropbox account.
  4. Choose the shared folder as the destination of the dragged down safes.
  5. On other devices, tap + then Link to Existing Dropbox Safe. Choose your safes which will be listed inside the shared folder that you created. If you are asked to buy Dropbox at this point, please quit the app, double-click the home button and swipe it up. Then, restart it. This will make it notice that you performed the migration on other devices, thereby enabling Dropbox.



Header image by woodleywonderworks