Welcome to pwSafe

This page outlines the options and steps for migrating the data saved inside your Cozi Password Vault account.

There are two migration options available. Both options will allow you to export your “safes” (the encrypted files where your passwords are stored) and continue to access them. Your safes are compatible with pwSafe and several other apps

Migration Options

1. Access your passwords using the pwSafe 2 iOS app

Cost: US$ 2.99

pwSafe 2 costs $2.99 but includes many new features such as auto-filling in Safari and Touch ID support. As part of the migration process, you will also receive the Dropbox Sync Support add-on for free – normally an additional cost of $2.99, so that you can keep sharing your safes with your family.

You can continue accessing your passwords as normal through the pwSafe 2 app. Since Cozi Password Vault was a special version of pwSafe made specially for Cozi, both apps look and feel very similar. 

To migrate to pwSafe 2:

  1. Purchase and install it from the app store, by clicking here on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Once you have pwSafe 2 installed, use that device to re-open the email message that directed you to this page (with the subject “Action Required: Cozi Password Vault Migration”).
  3. Click the “Start Account Migration” that directed you here.

Clicking the button will launch pwSafe and download all of your safes directly into the app.

2. Download passwords and open with other apps

Cost: free to US$19.99, depending on the app you choose

If you’d prefer to use an app other than pwSafe, you can download your safes using the links below and open them using one of these apps.

Download Your Safes (and follow the upload instructions from the app you choose)

Download Your Safes