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pwSafe integrates seamlessly with iCloud Drive, allowing safes to be synced across iOS devices, Macs and Windows PCs.

Opening existing iCloud safes

If safes are already stored on the current user's iCloud account, they will be shown on the Welcome screen. Just select one of them and click the Open button. Alternatively, use the 'File' - 'Open iCloud' menu option.

Moving a safe in and out of iCloud

After a safe is saved, it can be moved in or out of iCloud by choosing the 'File' - 'Move To...' menu option. You can check whether the current safe is saved on your Mac (local) or on iCloud by checking the status bar of an unlocked safe.

iCloud vs Local safes

Troubleshooting iCloud

If the iCloud option is not available on the Welcome Screen or your existing safes are not listed, please check your iCloud settings on the Mac System Preferences app.

System Preferences

In order for pwSafe to work, the "iCloud Drive" option must be enabled and the same account (Apple-id) must be used on all Macs, iOS devices and Windows PCs which must be kept in sync.

iCloud Drive

Inside iCloud Drive options, must also be enabled.