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Transition from PayPal to App Store

I received a message from PayPal that my pwSafe subscription has been cancelled, why??

The cancellation only affects the auto-renewal, your pwSafe Cloud account is not affected. Your account is fully operational, all your backups are safe.

The auto-renewal was cancelled at PayPal since we are migrating the pwSafe Cloud from PayPal to familiar Apple in-app payments. Your account is eligible for migration. To make sure that you are not double charged, we have first stopped recurring payments to PayPal.

By using Apple's trusted ecosystem, you are now able to manage your subscription easily using either the pwSafe app or the App Store app. This provides a more transparent and integrated experience.

Action required

To re-enable automatic renewals, you need to Renew your subscription manually once in the pwSafe app. Please make sure you have the most recent version of the app (10.1.1 or higher) and the pwSafe app will guide you. If you silenced the notification in the app, just tap the cloud button at the bottom and then Renew.

If anything is unclear, it is best to open a support request, we are there to help you.

Does this mean I can no longer use the pwSafe Cloud?

No, definitely not. The pwSafe Cloud and the pwSafe app have not changed, we have merely improved the way payments are processed. You can continue enjoying the pwSafe Cloud and app as you have always done.

One month free

As a bonus, the first month of your App Store subscription is free of charge. This enables you to complete this transition today without being charged twice for the same period.

How can I check the status of my App Store subscription?

Just open the pwSafe app and tap/click the cloud button at the bottom. A dialog opens showing your existing subscription details.

Manage subscription

If the subscription section is visible and active, i.e. you can select the Manage option, then your subscription has successfully been converted. The Manage option opens an App Store dialog allowing you to change your subscription as needed.

I already renewed my account recently

If you renewed your account using an Apple in-app payment, then no more action is required. By cancelling your PayPal subscription, we have avoided that you are double-charged.

You can double check the status of your account as described above.

I don't have an active pwSafe Cloud account

You probably used the pwSafe Cloud in the past, and your account expired without PayPal knowing about it. No further action is required, the inactive subscription has been removed from your PayPal account.

If you stopped using the pwSafe Cloud because you disliked the PayPal payment required, now might be a good time to retry the benefits of the pwSafe Cloud. You will get the first month for free as indicated above!