What's an YubiKey?

An YubiKey is a security token which serves as a second authentication factor.

How does pwSafe use the YubiKey?

pwSafe uses YubiKey's HMAC-SHA1 challenge response mode. When the key is initialized, a random secret is stored in it. The password you enter is used as the challenge and the resulting response is used as the safe password.

To ease the creation of backups keys, the secret is also stored in encrypted form inside the safe itself. 

Is pwSafe compatible with safes from Password Safe?

Yes. pwSafe's usage of the YubiKey is exactly the same as Password Safe's. 

Why aren't the iPhone and iPad supported?

Although the YubiKey has been found to work with the camera adaptor on older iOS devices, it doesn't work on newer devices. Because of that, it's very unlikely that Apple would ever approve an app which required that setup. Please see more information on Yubico's website.

Newer iOS devices supporting Apple Pay have NFC chips in them, but third-party apps like pwSafe can't use them. If a newer iOS version ever changes that, we'll do our best to support NFC-enabled YubiKeys.

Why is the YubiKey in-app purchase so expensive?

The YubiKey feature is used by a small number of people. This means its price needs to be higher to be able to cover the development costs.

How can I buy an YubiKey?

We recommend you buy them from Amazon. Click here the see their YubiKey catalog